How to run Sample Reads

        Toolbox | NGS Core Tools (Image ngsfolder) | Sample reads (Image extractconsensus_16_n_p)

This opens the dialog shown in figure 26.1.

Image sample_reads_step1
Figure 26.1: Select the reads.

Image sample_reads_step2
Figure 26.2: Specify the sample size parameters.

Select the relevant assembled reads and click Next. This leads to the Sample size parameters step shown in figure 26.2.

In the Sample size parameters it is possible to select either an absolute number of reads to sample or a sample percentage, with sample percentage defining the percentage of the sub-sample paired reads (for single end reads) and pairs of reads (for paired reads).

After the Result handling step, click Finish.

This generates a sampled version of the reads that can be used in a new read mapping or used to replace existing reads in the Contig Aligner.