Adding more databases

Besides the databases that are part of the default configuration, you can add more databases located at NCBI by configuring files in the Workbench installation directory.

The list of databases that can be added is here:

In order to add a new database, find the settings folder in the Workbench installation directory (e.g. C:\Program files\CLC Genomics Workbench 4). Download unzip and place the following files in this directory to replace the built-in list of databases:

Open the file you have downloaded into thesettings folder, e.g. in a text editor and you will see the contents look like this:

nr[clcdefault] = Non-redundant protein sequences
refseq_protein = Reference proteins
swissprot = Swiss-Prot protein sequences
pat = Patented protein sequences
pdb = Protein Data Bank proteins
env_nr = Environmental samples
month = New or revised GenBank sequences
Simply add another database as a new line with the first item being the database name taken from and the second part is the name to display in the Workbench. Restart the Workbench, and the new database will be visible in the BLAST dialog.