Compact information mode

This mode offers a condensed overview of all the primers that are available in the selected region. When a region is chosen primer information will appear in lines beneath it (see figure 17.4).

Image primercompactmode
Figure 17.4: Compact information mode

The number of information lines reflects the chosen length interval for primers and probes. One line is shown for every possible primer-length, if the length interval is widened more lines will appear. At each potential primer starting position a circle is shown which indicates whether the primer fulfills the requirements set in the primer parameters preference group. A green primer indicates a primer which fulfils all criteria and a red primer indicates a primer which fails to meet one or more of the set criteria. For more detailed information, place the mouse cursor over the circle representing the primer of interest. A tool-tip will then appear on screen displaying detailed information about the primer in relation to the set criteria. To locate the primer on the sequence, simply left-click the circle using the mouse.

The various primer parameters can now be varied to explore their effect and the view area will dynamically update to reflect this. If e.g. the allowed melting temperature interval is widened more green circles will appear indicating that more primers now fulfill the set requirements and if e.g. a requirement for 3' G/C content is selected, rec circles will appear at the starting points of the primers which fail to meet this requirement.