Options for clc_convert_sequences

usage: clc_convert_sequences [options] <sequence file>
  Convert a sequence file to fasta format.
  -h / --help: Display this message.
  -o <file> / --output <file>: Specify an output fasta file.
  -q / --fastq: Output the result in fastq format (cannot be used with
     the "-o" option)
  -d / --discardname: Discard sequence name.
  -m <n> / --minlength <n>: Set the minimum length for output sequences.
  -s <file> / --quality <file>: Specify separate input quality file.
  -i <file1> <file2> / --interleave <file1> <file2>: Interleave two sequence
     files with the same number of sequences. May be used instead of a single
     file. This option automatically sets the "-p" option.