Licensing the software on a non-networked machine

Using the tool distributed with CLC Assembly Cell for downloading a static license, the license will be specific to the machine you download it to. For a machine unable to connect to an outside network, you can follow the steps below to get a license for the software:

  1. Get the host id for the machine that CLC Assembly Cell is installed on. To do this, run the clc_cell_licutil tool as per the instructions in the Linux and Mac or Windows sections above. (You do not need administrator privileges for this.)
  2. Copy the Host ID(s) information that is printed near the top of the output.
  3. On a machine that is able to reach external sites, go to the webpage
  4. Paste in your License Order ID and your host ID information, as well as a host name. The host name is not important, but we recommend it is something that allows you to recognise or identify the machine that's been licensed if needed.
  5. Click on the Save button.
  6. Move the license file onto the machine where CLC Assembly Cell is installed.
  7. Save the license file in the folder called licenses in the installation directory of CLC Assembly Cell2.2.


... Cell2.2
Locations for static license files supported in earlier versions of the CLC Assembly Cell can continue to be used. We recommend, however, that you choose to store your static license in the licenses folder in the installation directory, as this could help us in troubleshooting any licensing issues you may contact us about.