Licensing the software on a networked Windows machine

  1. Go to the Windows start menu and in the search box, type cmd.
  2. Click on the cmd.exe tool which will launch the windows command prompt.

    You need to run this as a user that has permissions to write the license file that is downloaded into the licenses folder in the installation directory of the CLC Assembly Cell. If your software is installed centrally, this will likely mean right clicking on the cmd.exe option and choosing to Run as administrator.

  3. Navigate to the installation folder of the CLC Assembly Cell and execute the clc_cell_licutil.bat script.

  4. You will be prompted as to whether you wish to Request an evaluation license or Download license using a License Order ID.

    For an evaluation license, just choose that option. As long as you have not previously trialled the software on your machine, the evaluation license should be downloaded. You will see a message printed to screen about the expiry date of the evaluation license and where the license was downloaded to. You should now be able to trial the software.

  5. If you have a License Order ID, please copy it and then paste it in at the prompt.

After a few moments, your license should be downloaded and a message will be written to screen saying that it was successfully downloaded and where it was saved.