Options for clc_change_cas_paths

usage: clc_change_cas_paths <options>
  Change the sequence file names in a cas file. Can be used for the
  reference files, the read files, or both.
  -h / --help: Display this message.
  -a <file> / --cas <file>: Give the cas file (required).
  -o <file> / --output <file>: Give the output cas file (required).
  -q / --reads: The files following this option are read files. (may be used
     several times).
  -d / --reference: The files following this option are reference files. Fasta
     and GenBank formats are allowed (may be used several times).
  -i <file1> <file2> / --interleave <file1> <file2>: Interleave the sequences
     in two files, alternating between the files when reading the
     sequences. Only valid for read files (may be used several times).
  -n / --nocheck: Do not check if the sequence files match. This is useful if
     the old files do not exist any more, or to get a fast result if the files
     are known to match.