Identify MLST Scheme from Genomes

This section describes how to perform the identification of the relevant MLST scheme for a genome sequence or list of genome sequences.

This step is preliminary to the Identify MLST tool in case you are working with a sample containing a single or multiple unknown species, as in the Type among Multiple Species workflow. You will input a sequence, or a sequence list (figure 15.5).

Image identify_mlst_genomes1
Figure 15.5: Select relevant genome sequence or sequence list.

Then select as many MLST schemes are necessary to identify the species present in your sample (figure 15.6).

Image identify_mlst_genomes2
Figure 15.6: Select relevant MLST scheme(s) to search among.

The output of this tool is a MLST scheme that matches best the sequence(s) analyzed. To add the obtained best match to a Result Metadata Table, see the section Add to Result Metadata Table. Note that results are added automatically to the Result Metadata Table when using the template Type among Multiple Species workflow.