Annotate CDS with Best BLAST Hit

The Annotate CDS with Best BLAST Hit tool will allow you to annotate a set of contigs containing CDS annotations with their best BLAST hit.

To start the analysis, go to:

        Functional Analysis (Image functional_analysis_folder_closed_16_n_p) | Annotate CDS with Best BLAST Hit (Image annotate_cds_blast_16_n_p)

Several parameters are available:

Note that choosing a very large BLAST database with millions of sequences (e.g. the nt, nr and refeseq_protein databases from the NCBI) will slow down the algorithm considerably, especially when there are many CDS in the input. Therefore, we recommend to use a medium-sized database such as "swissprot". In the wizard, you can choose between databases stored locally (Image blast_graphics_16_n_p) or remotely on the server (Image blast_server_16_n_p). If you create a workflow that you plan to run on a server, you should avoid locking the BLAST database parameter as the chosen database may not exist on the server.

If you select Create Report, the tool will create a summary report table. The report is divided in three parts:

The tool will output a copy of the input file containing the following fields when a hit for a CDS is found (figure 15.8):

Image blast-annotation
Figure 15.8: BLAST Best Hit annotations added to gene cds4 of h. pylori.

The tool can also output an annotation table summarizing information about the annotations added to the sequence list.