Introduction to the Genomics Analysis Portal

This manual is for the Genomics Analysis Portal distributed with CLC Genomics Server 21.0.5.

The Genomics Analysis Portal is a browser-based, graphical client for the CLC Genomics Server, offering a controlled environment for processing samples using workflows. Using the Genomics Analysis Portal, workflows can be launched using fastq format files as input, their progress can be monitored, and results can be accessed. An overview of previous analyses is also provided.

The workflows accessible using Genomics Analysis Portal are made available by the CLC Genomics Server administrator. Options in these workflows are locked; no settings can be adjusted when the workflow is launched.

Configuring workflows and opening analysis results is done using a CLC Genomics Workbench compatible with the version of the CLC Genomics Server being used. As a rule of thumb, if the CLC Genomics Workbench has the same version number as the CLC Genomics Server, it is compatible. Full compatibility information is provided with the CLC Genomics Server latest improvements at

This user manual can also be found in pdf format: User_Manual.pdf.

Accessing the Genomics Analysis Portal

To use the Genomics Analysis Portal, your server administrator must enable the functionality in the CLC Genomics Server and you must be a registered user of the CLC Genomics Server. Your server administrator will be able to provide you with the relevant URL for the Genomics Analysis Portal you have access to.

The CLC Genomics Server admin manual is available at: