Workflow permissions settings

For a workflow to become available from within the Genomics Analysis Portal, you need to authorize it for use by Genomics Analysis Portal users.

Workflow permissions are configured in the CLC Genomics Server web administrative interface by an administrator.

  1. Log into to the web administrative interface, as described in the CLC Server administrator manual at
  2. Go to Admin (Image preferences) | Global permissions | Workflows
  3. Locate your newly installed workflow and click on Edit permissions.
  4. Choose Only authorized users from selected groups and select your Genomics Analysis Portal user group(s). (Figure 3.2)

Image workflowpermissions
Figure 3.9: Genomics Analysis Portal workflows must be authorized for one or more groups, including the one holding your Genomics Analysis Portal users.

You can give access to different workflows to different groups, allowing you to tailor which workflows available via Genomics Analysis Portal for particular users.

Note that all CLC Server users are able to log into the Genomics Analysis Portal, but in the Start analysis workflow drop-down, only the workflows they have been authorized to use will be visible.