Start an analysis using data stored locally

To start an analysis from the Genomics Analysis Portal using input data stored locally or on a network drive:

  1. Click on the Start Analysis button at the top of the Analyses table.
  2. Browse the file location and select the data to be analyzed. You can select either individual fastq files or folders containing fastq files.
  3. In the next step, select the workflow to launch from the drop-down menu (figure 2.2).
  4. Specify a unique sample ID for each of the selected data items, or use the one suggested.
  5. Include a comment, if desired. Comments are visible in the Sample analysis details panel.
  6. Click on the Start button when you are ready to submit the workflow.

Image start_analysis
Figure 2: Select a workflow from the drop down list. Clicking the Start button submits the workflow to run using the specified data inputs.