Configuring the Cloud Server Plugin

Configuration of the Cloud Server Plugin is done using the web administrative interface of the CLC Genomics Server. Information about connections to AWS and CLC Genomics Cloud Engine are entered via plugin settings, available to configure after the plugin is installed and the CLC Genomics Server has been restarted.

Information about the hardware requirements of jobs sent to CLC Genomics Cloud Engine and how results from those jobs should be handled is configured using cloud presets. Multiple presets can be configured. Users select the preset to use when they are launching a job.

The CLC Genomics Server uses the OAuth2 Client Credentials Grant flow for authentication. This flow, suitable for server-to-server integration, ensures that the CLC Genomics Server has valid credentials that do not need to be periodically renewed. CLC Workbench users who connect to the CLC Genomics Server are granted access to the CLC Genomics Cloud Engine via the server's credentials, but jobs are run under the user's username.

Please note the following security-related information:

Information about installing server plugins can be found at