Emptying the recycling bin for a CLC Server File Location

Each CLC Server File Location has a recycling bin, where files that users delete are put. Only members of the administrator group, as defined on the CLC Server, can empty the recycle bin associated with CLC Server file locations. This is because the recycle bin is a shared location for any given CLC Server file location and many sites do not want all users to be able to access it directly, that is to be able to view things or delete other people's data.

One can avoid the need to periodically go in and manually empty recycle bins by setting up a script that is run as a cronjob, which includes a command of the following form:

clcserver -S <serverinfo> -P <portnumber> -U <adminusername> -W <password or token> -A empty_recycle_bin -t clc://server/$LOCATIONNAME

Above, $LOCATIONNAME would be replaced by the name of the CLC Server File Location you wish to empty the recycling bin of.