Default Workbench data storage

On all CLC Workbenches, the default folder for storing Workbench data is called CLC_Data, placed under the user's home area.

On CLC Genomics Workbench, there is additionally a default folder for storing reference data8.1 called CLC_References, placed under the user's home area.

If a default folder is not already present under the user's home area, it will be created on the file system when the Workbench starts up, and the corresponding Workebench file locations will be visible in the Workbench Navigation Area.

The location of default data areas can be changed, which can be useful in a number of circumstances, for example when quotas are applied to user home areas or where roaming user profiles are used. This is done by specifying the folders to use in a file called and placing this file in the settings folder of the Workbench installation. If this file is in place before the Workbench is started up, folders are not created in the original default locations, but are only created, if not already present, according to the information specified in this file.

Changing the default data locations

The settings for configuring default locations in a file are:

Important: The default data folder (datadir) is fully specified by the path given in the file, whereas if the reference data area (refdir) does not end with CLC_References, a folder of that name will be created under the path specified.

The following variables can be used when specifying the desired path:

the user name of the current user
the home directory of the current user
the short name of the workbench (clcgenomicswb or clcmainwb)

You can use either forward slashes (normally used on Mac and Linux) or backslashes (normally used on Windows) in the configuration file. The Workbench will use the appropriate type of slash character depending on the platform.

Some examples:

datadir = $home/CLC_Data			(the default)
datadir = X:\clcstorage\$user			
refdir = X:\clcstorage\$user\CLC_References	
refdir = /scratch/$user				(equivalent to /scratch/$user/CLC_References)

You can download a sample file from

Where Workbench location information is stored

When the Workbench is shut down for the first time, a file called model_settings_300.xml is created in user level settings folder. Data location information is read from this file when starting up the Workbench again.

If the model_settings_300.xml file is deleted, then the next time the Workbench starts up it will again look for the datadir property in the file.

The location of the model_settings_300.xml file depends on the operating system being used. See User-level information for details.


... data8.1
This feature was added in CLC Genomics Workbench 11.0.