Temporary data

The Workbench writes temporary files to the disk during some types of analysis. Depending on the data set, these temporary files can take up a lot of disk space.

By default, temporary files generated by the Workbench are written to the standard temporary file area on the machine. However, space may be limited there, in which case, a different location for Workbench temporary files should be specified. This is done by creating a text file called path.properties and saving it in the settings folder in the Workbench installation directory. Please ensure this file does not have a name with an additional extension, e.g. ".txt".

The path.properties should include a line like this:

tmpdir = /path-to-temp
where "/path-to-temp" should be the absolute path to the new tmp directory. When the Workbench is restarted, it will start using this configured directory for storing temporary data.

You can download a sample path.properties file at

Important: Temp space should be located on the local system. For acceptable performance data transfer to the temp directory must not be over a network connection. The Workbench spends a lot of time reading and writing these temporary files, so the data access speed has a great impact on overall performance when working with large data sets.