Temporary data

CLC Workbenches write temporary files to disk during many analyses, and by default, they are written to the standard location for temporary files on the machine. Depending on the data set, these files can take up a lot of disk space.

If space in the default temporary files directory is limited, a different location can be specified.

The temporary files directory must be on an internal drive on the system the Workbench is installed on.

To use a non-default location for temporary files generated by a CLC Workbench, create a text file called path.properties and save it in the settings folder in the Workbench installation directory. Please ensure this file does not have a name with an additional extension, e.g. ".txt".

In the path.properties file, add a line like:

	tmpdir = </path-to-temp>
replacing </path-to-temp> with the absolute path to the new location.

Restart the Workbench for the new setting to take effect.

A sample path.properties file is available from

Further details: Performance is heavily dependent on constant, fast access to temporary files. Locations accessed over a network connection and locations on an external drive are thus not appropriate for this purpose.