Backup of Workbench information

We recommend backing up the following areas related to a Workbench installation:

Data: Workbench Data Locations are folders under which data are stored as files, often within a file hierarchy. If Workbench data needs to be restored from a backup, simply copy the restored files/folders back to the place they were originally located and start up the Workbench.

User level settings: See User-level information for a list of the user level settings files that can be useful to back up. When restoring from backup, close the Workbench if it is running and then place these files in the same place they were backed up from. The Workbench will use the restored settings when next started up.

Global settings: If customized policy files have been created, these may be useful to back up. Any that exist will be located under the settings folder under the Workbench installation area. See Per-computer Workbench information data for detail of files that may be present. When restoring from backup, place restored properties files into the settings of the Workbench, overwriting any earlier files of the same name. Workbenches must be restarted to pick up the new policy details.