There are two kinds of licenses for the Workbenches:
Static licenses
Static license files are placed under the "licenses" subfolder of the Workbench installation area. A static license is specific to the machine the Workbench software is installed on. Static licenses cannot be used on systems with more than 64 cores and remote use of software with a static license is not supported.
Network licenses
Network licenses are hosted by a CLC Network License Manager or CLC License Server. Workbenches are configured to contact the software hosting the licenses on startup to check if relevant licenses are available. Network licenses are a good option for sites where there are many Workbenches. In addition, to run Workbenches remotely or on systems with more than 64 cores, a network license is needed. Network licenses are sometimes also known as floating licenses.

If you are administering network licenses, please also refer to the CLC Network License Manager manual:

Further information about configuring licensing is available in the individual Workbench manuals:

Commercial plugins, or modules, use the same licensing system as the Workbenches, so the concepts described above also apply to plugin licenses. Network licenses are handled exactly the same way that Workbench network licenses are. How to download module static licenses in a Workbench is described in our Frequently Asked Questions area at