The license manager log file

A good source of information about a running CLC Network License Manager is the log file. It contains information about the license manager software itself (e.g. start up, shutdown, version, location of the configuration file, etc.) as well as about the licenses available, and the usage of those licenses. By default, the log file is created anew when the CLC Network License Manager is started up.

The log file is a text file called licenseserver.log and is located in the installation area of the CLC Network License Manager. It can be viewed directly using standard tools for reading text files, or it can be viewed and searched using the LM-X License Server Client described in section The LM-X Graphical License Server Client.

The name and location of the log file, and aspects of its contents, can be customized as described in section 3.1.

The log file can be used for generating license usage statistics directly, but for this purpose, the LM-X License Server Client or the XML output that can be generated using the LM-X End User Utility tool, described in XML format status information may be of interest.

The top of a CLC Network License Manager log file is shown below. This example information is from a license manager running on Windows, but the output looks similar on all platforms. In this case, two license files were found in the licenses folder, and two licenses are available, one for the CLC Genomics Workbench and one for the CLC Main Workbench.

[2021-05-17 13:53:10] LM-X License Server v4.9.1 build xxxxxxxx on < info..> (Win64_x64)
[2021-05-17 13:53:10] Copyright (C) 2002-2018 X-Formation. All rights reserved.
[2021-05-17 13:53:10] Website:
[2021-05-17 13:53:10] License server has pid xxxxx.
[2021-05-17 13:53:10] Serving licenses for vendor CLCBIO.
[2021-05-17 13:53:10] 
[2021-05-17 13:53:10] License server using TCP IPv4 port 6200.
[2021-05-17 13:53:10] License server using TCP IPv6 port 6200.
[2021-05-17 13:53:10] License server using UDP IPv4 port 6200.
[2021-05-17 13:53:10] WARNING: Windows firewall blocks TCP port 6200.
[2021-05-17 13:53:10] WARNING: Communication to license server might not work properly.
[2021-05-17 13:53:11] WARNING: Windows firewall blocks UDP port 6200.
[2021-05-17 13:53:11] WARNING: Automatic server discovery might not work properly.
[2021-05-17 13:53:11] Reading licenses...
[2021-05-17 13:53:11] License file(s):
[2021-05-17 13:53:11] C:\Program Files\CLCNetworkLicenseManager5\licenses\CLC-NETWORKLICENSE-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-yyyy-mm-dd.lic
[2021-05-17 13:53:11] C:\Program Files\CLCNetworkLicenseManager5\licenses\CLC-NETWORKLICENSE-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-yyyy-mm-dd.lic
[2021-05-17 13:53:11] Log file path: C:\Program Files\CLCNetworkLicenseManager5\licenseserver.log
[2021-05-17 13:53:11] Log to stdout: No
[2021-05-17 13:53:11] Log format: Normal
[2021-05-17 13:53:11] Configuration file path: C:\Program Files\CLCNetworkLicenseManager5\licenseserver.cfg
[2021-05-17 13:53:11] Serving following features:
[2021-05-17 13:53:11] CLCGENOMICSWB (v21.99) (1 license(s)) license type: exclusive 
[2021-05-17 13:53:11] CLCMAINWB (v21.99) (1 license(s)) license type: exclusive 
[2021-05-17 13:53:11] 
[2021-05-17 13:53:11] To administrate the license server go to your enduser directory and run the License Server Client.
[2021-05-17 13:53:11] Ready to serve...