Configure the service to be run by a designated user

We recommend the service is configured to be run as a standard user rather than the default daemon user. These steps need to be done by someone working with administrative privileges. In the examples below, the software had been installed to the default installation folder, /Applications/CLCNetworkLicenseManager5/.

  1. Create a user for running the CLC Network License Manager if you do not already have one.

    We use the user joebloggs in the example in this section.

  2. Ensure the CLC Network License Manager is not running. If you are not sure, then run the stopserver.command script (e.g. by double clicking on it its icon).

  3. Check that there is no lock file. If there is one, remove it.
    ls /var/tmp/clcbio.lock
    sudo rm /var/tmp/clcbio.lock

  4. Change the ownership of the license manager installation directory and its contents to the user that should own the CLC Network License Manager process.

    sudo chown -R joebloggs /Applications/CLCNetworkLicenseManager5/

  5. Specify the user to run the process in the plist file under the CLCLicenseServerLaunchDaemon subfolder of the installation area:


    Find this section:


    And edit the name between the string tags:


After making changes, reload the plist using the installservice command in the 'CLCLicenseServerLaunchDaemon' subfolder of the installation directory: