Windows installation and launch

If upgrading from an earlier version, please refer to Upgrading the CLC Network License Manager.

To install the CLC Network License Manager:

  1. Download the installer from or from your myCLC account.
  2. Double-click the installer icon to launch it. You will be prompted to choose the location to install the software to. If the C: drive is the default drive, then the default installation location offered will be C:\Program Files\CLCNetworkLicenseManager5.

To run the CLC Network License Manager as a Windows Service, right-click on the installservice file in the installation directory and choose the option Run as administrator from the menu. See figure2.1.

Image installservice
Figure 2.1: Installing the license manager as a service.

This will open a terminal window and guide you through the service installation procedure. Press a key on the keyboard when prompted to do so.

Once successfully installed, the service will be visible in the Services control panel in Windows. See figure 2.2.

Image services
Figure 2.2: The services window can be found in the Control Panel.

The name of the service is LM-X License Server - CLCBIO. From here you can start, stop and restart the service if needed.

You are now ready to download a license file. See Downloading license files for Windows.