Downloading license files for Linux

On a networked machine, license files can be downloaded using the downloadlicense script with administrator privileges. For example, if the default installation location for the CLC Network License Manager was used, the following command could be run:

sudo /opt/CLCNetworkLicenseManager5/downloadlicense

Paste in the license order ID supplied by QIAGEN and press Enter.

A new license file is downloaded into the licenses folder, which is under the installation area of the CLC Network License Manager software. This is where the CLC Network License Manager looks for licenses by default. The location of the license file is printed to the terminal.

If the license manager is already running, it must be restarted for new licenses to be loaded.

To download and install a license file on a non-networked machine, please see Downloading license files on non-networked machines.

Upgrading an existing license: If you are upgrading an existing license file, then it is very important that old license files, that is, the ones you are replacing, are deleted before the CLC Network License Manager is restarted. The old file(s) can be removed before or after you download the new license file(s).

If you have not received a license order ID or there are problems with your license order ID, please contact