Access configuration

This section describes how to customize access to licenses. This includes things like defining users or systems that can connect to the CLC Network License Manager, as well as which licenses they have access to, reserving licenses, and restricting borrowing rights.

Configurations are specified as a set of rules. These rules are applied in the sequence they appear in the configuration file. The first rule matched for a particular type of configuration is the one used for that user or system.

Access configurations can be applied for all products or for specific products. An individual product is specified using its feature name. This is indicated in the information below as <feature>. The feature names for the products supported by your network licenses can be found by either of the following methods:

Feature names for a number of CLC products are also provided in the Appendix.

Configurations are set using IP addresses, hostnames or usernames. Multiple entries for a given configuration must be specified as a space-separated list. IP addresses must be specific addresses with the form: A.B.C.D or with wildcards A.*.B.*

To specify that a rule should apply to a group of users, provide the username of each member individually. Alternatively, for CLC Workbenches, members of a particular group could use a single custom username, used when requesting network licenses. Then this custom username could be entered in configurations, instead of individual group member user names. See Configuring Workbenches to use network licenses.