Initial configuration steps on Linux

  1. Create a user to run the CLC Network License Manager service Create a standard user account for running the CLC Network License Manager service if you do not already have one. Please ensure that this user account has a home directory, such that $HOME exists and can be found. For some Linux flavors, you can do this simply with a command like:
    	useradd <serviceusername>
    For other Linux flavors, you may need to add a flag to enable the creation of a home directory.

  2. Ensure appropriate ownership of the license manager files Change the ownership of the installation directory and all files under that area to be owned by the user that will run the license manager process.

    	chown -R <serviceusername> <installationDirectory>


    	chown -R clclicsrv /opt/CLCNetworkLicenseManager5

  3. Configure the password for remote access to the license manager
    • Open the configuration file <installationDirectory>/licenseserver.cfg with a text editor (e.g. nano, pico, emacs, vi or similar).
    • Change the value of the variable REMOTE_ACCESS_PASSWORD.
    This password is needed when remotely starting or stopping the server, or carrying out certain other administrative tasks remotely.

  4. Optional: make any other desired changes to the configuration file See License manager configuration for further details on configuring the CLC Network License Manager.