Error handling

Concurrent IPA sessions

When submitting data to IPA, the upload may fail, if several sessions are established concurrently using the same username. This can happen when the IPA application is running while data is being uploaded using the IPA tool, or if the IPA tool is part of a workflow with several IPA uploads running at the same time.

To deal with this issue, the IPA tool has a retry functionality, such that the upload is attempted again, if it failed due to a problem with concurrent sessions. The waiting time between retry attempts is increased with a random factor for each attempt, to avoid that two processes continue to block each other.

Upload multiple statistical comparisons

If the IPA tool encounters an error when uploading multiple statistical comparisons, it will in most case continue uploading the remaining statitsical comparisons. However, if the tool gets one of the errors below, it stops uploading immediately, because it cannot expect that they will be resolved before the next upload: