This module allows for use of three additional alignment methods, which are otherwise not distributed with the CLC Workbench. These methods will very briefly be mentioned in this help and we urge the users of this plugin to read the manuals for the individual alignment methods. These are generally easy to find by running an internet search.

The alignment methods provided with the Additional Alignments plugin can be found in the Toolbox in Alignments and Trees (Image alignmentsandtrees) and work with CLC Genomic Workbench 5.0.0 and higher. Note that all 3 alignments programs are developed by third parties. They are provided as 64-bit versions for Linux and Mac but are only available in 32-bit version for Windows, which limits the memory usage at 4Gb regardless of the total memory available. Would you encounter memory issues on Windows (most likely with ClustalO and MUSCLE), try using the programs on another operating system or reduce your original input dataset.