Import Gene-Pseudogene Table

The Import Gene-Pseudogene Table tool can be found in the Import menu.

This importer takes as input a TXT or TSV file containing gene and pseudogene information. The input file has the following format: The first column contains a gene name, and the second column is a comma separated list of pseudogene names, so that each line contains information about one link between a gene and one or several pseudogenes.


In addition a gene track is required. Names of genes in that track will be used for matching names in the input file.

The output is a track of linked gene-pseudogene features that can be saved it in the Navigation area, and that is suitable for working with the same genome than the one supplied with the gene track. If a name of a gene or a pseudogene from the input is not found in the gene track, a message will warn that this gene could not be matched and is thus absent from the imported track.