Configuration of the Upload to QCI Interpret tool

When launching the Upload to QCI Interpret tool, you are prompted for a QCII server location, an API key ID, an API key secret and your QCI Interpret account username.

If an API user account has not been set up for you, please send an email to [email protected] and ask for an API-enabled QCI Interpret account, set up for the Biomedical Genomics Analysis plugin integration. The license team can then send you your API Key ID and API Key Secret.

You can retrieve your API Key ID and an API Key Secret number from within your QCI Interpret account by accessing the API Explorer, as shown in figure 11.1 and figure 11.2:

Image apiexplorer
Figure 1: Accessing the QCI Interpret API Explorer.

Image apisecret
Figure 2: Finding the API Key Id and API Key Secret in the API Explorer.