Naming of annotations

Annotations are named in the following, prioritized way:
  1. If one of the following qualifiers are present, it will be used for naming (prioritized):
    1. Name
    2. Gene_name
    3. Gene_ID
    4. Locus_tag
    5. ID
  2. If none of these are found, the annotation type will be used as name
You can overrule this naming convention by choosing Replace all annotation names with this qualifier and specifying another qualifier (see figure 3.1).

Image annotatewithgff
Figure 3.2: You can choose Replace all annotation names with this qualifier to specify your own naming convention.

Note that you have to type in the exact same qualifier as in the annotation file. This feature is recommended for advanced users only.

Note that transcript annotations are handled separately, since they inherit the name from the gene annotation.

Finally, when Ignore duplicate annotation is checked, only one instance of a duplicate annotation will be retained on the annotated sequences.