Welcome to the user manual of CLC Server Command Line Tools 5.0.1. This user manual can also be found in pdf format: User_Manual.pdf

The CLC Server Command Line Tools is a command-line client for the CLC Server solutions1.1. The CLC Server Command Line Tools provide the tools to start analyses and other tasks on CLC Servers, including data import and export, and utility data operations such as moving, renaming, and deleting data on the server.

A typical work flow using the CLC Server Command Line Tools might be:

  1. Import your sequence or structure data
  2. Run analyses such as read mapping, SNP detection, RNA-Seq, or Docking Ligands
  3. (Optionally) export the results to your local disk

Other clients available to run tasks on the CLC Server are the graphical CLC Workbenches. Below are recommendations for choosing which of these two types clients, the graphical or the command line, to use for your work:

This user manual begins with installation instructions followed by an explanation of the basics of operating the CLC Server Command Line Tools and usage information.


... solutions1.1
Like any other client software, the CLC Server Command Line Tools would most commonly be installed and used on systems other than the one that the CLC Server software is installed on, although there is no restriction meaning that this must be the case.