The CLC Server is the central part of CLC bio's enterprise solutions. You can see an overview of the server solution in figure 1.1.

Here it is exemplified with the CLC Genomics Server.

Image serveroverview-science-server
Figure 1.1: An overview of the server solution from CLC bio. Note that not all features are included with all license models.

The basic idea is that you can have the Server store data and run jobs centrally and thereby offload personal and typically smaller computers. For the user, the difference between working just with a Workbench and working with a Workbench and a server is very small. All the mechanisms for managing data, using the tools and visualizing the data are the same.

This user manual is intended to show how to take advantage of the server as a user. For information about administrating the server, please see the Administrator Manual.

The CLC Science Server is shipped with the following tools that can all be started from CLC Main Workbenchand CLC Server Command Line Tools:

The functionality of the CLC Science Server can be extended by installation of Server plugins. The available plugins can be found at .