The Navigation Tools plugin provides functionality that supports finding data elements of interest quickly and easily. After installing this plugin, two tabs are added beside the Navigation Area tab at the top left of the CLC Workbench: Bookmarks and Recent Items, and a Bookmark button is added to the Toolbar (see figure 1.1).

Image navigationtools
Figure 1.1: Recent items and Bookmarks tabs are added next to the Navigation Area tab and a Bookmark button is add to the Toolbar after installation of the Navigation Tools plugin.


Elements and folders in the Navigation Area can be bookmarked by selecting an element in the Navigation Area and then clicking on the Bookmark icon (Image bookmark) button on the Toolbar.

Bookmarked elements and folders are listed under the Bookmarks tab, next to the Navigation Area tab in the top left side of a CLC Workbench.

Double clicking a bookmarked element opens the element in the viewing area.
Double clicking a bookmarked folder opens a table listing the contents of that folder. Double clicking on folders in that view will open a table view of their contents. Double clicking on elements in this view will open them in the viewing area.

If a bookmarked element is moved to another folder, the bookmark is automatically updated and will refer to the same element. If a bookmarked element is renamed, the bookmark will also be renamed.

To delete a bookmark, select it in the Bookmarks tab of the Navigation Area and click on Delete (Image delete_document_2_16_n_p) in the Toolbar.

Note: Bookmarking elements stored on a CLC Server is not supported at this time. Such elements will appear in the list of bookmarks when initially bookmarked, but are cleared from the list when the CLC Workbench is restarted.

Recent Items

Recently opened or recently used elements in a CLC Workbench session are listed under the Recent Items tab, to the right of the Navigation Area tab. Double clicking an item here opens it in the viewing area.

When you restart the CLC Workbench, the list of recent items is reset.

The maximum number of recent items listed is 50. When this limit is reached, the oldest item is removed when a new one is added.

Finding elements or folders in the Navigation Area

The following functionality is standard for the CLC Workbench, and is mentioned here for convenience. It is not associated with functionality of the Navigation Tools plugin.

Search by name You can search for elements or folders in the Navigation Area by name by using the standard search functionality described in the CLC Workbenchmanual at:

Search for open elements The location of open elements, or folders open in table view, can be found by clicking on the Ctrl button (Image command_key_web on Mac) and then clicking on the name of the tab in the viewing area.