The Navigation Tools plugin provides functionality that supports finding data elements of interest quickly and easily. After installing this plugin, a Bookmark button is added to the Toolbar and two tabs are added beside the Navigation Area tab at the top left of the CLC Workbench (figure 1.1):

Image navigationtools
Figure 1.1: Recent items and Bookmarks tabs are added next to the Navigation Area tab and a Bookmark button is added to the Toolbar after installation of the Navigation Tools plugin.


Bookmarks provide a way to quickly access elements or folders of interest. Bookmarks are automatically updated if the elements or folders they point to are moved.

Bookmarks are created by selecting the item of interest in the Navigation Area and clicking on the Bookmark (Image bookmark) button in the top toolbar. To delete a bookmark, select it in the Bookmarks tab and click on the Delete (Image delete_document_2_16_n_p) button in the toolbar. Deleting a bookmark does not affect the item the bookmark refers to.

Double clicking on a bookmark in the Bookmarks tab opens the bookmarked item in the viewing area.

Right-clicking on a bookmark reveals a menu with options to Locate in Navigation Area or to Rename bookmark... (figure 1.2). When created, a bookmark is assigned the same name as the item being bookmarked. The names of the bookmark and the item it refers to are independent: changing either of these does not affect the name of the other.

Image right_click_bookmark
Figure 1.2: Right-click on a bookmark to reveal a menu with an option to find the item in the Navigation Area or to rename the bookmark.

Hover the mouse cursor over a bookmark to reveal a tooltip with information about where the item the bookmark refers to is stored (figure 1.3).

Image mouse-over-bookmark-after-renaming
Figure 1.3: Hover the mouse cursor over a bookmark to see information about the location of the item the bookmark refers to. If the bookmark has been renamed, as is the case here, information about the original name is shown in the tooltip.

When logged into a CLC Server, elements and folders in CLC Server File System Locations can be bookmarked1.1. These bookmarks are disabled when not logged into the CLC Server. Double-clicking on such a bookmark opens the CLC Server Connection dialog,


... bookmarked1.1
Prior to version 24.0 bookmarks for items in CLC Server File System Locations were not persisted.