Multi-job processing

There are three general categories of tools on the CLC Server: non-exclusive, streaming and exclusive, described in more detail below. Non-exclusive or streaming jobs can run concurrently alongside others of the non-exclusive type on a given machine. Those defined as exclusive cannot be run on the same server or node at the same time as other jobs of any type.

When the "Enable" option in the Multi-job processing area is selected, more than one analysis can run simultaneously on a CLC Server in single server mode or on a job node. This setting does not affect jobs sent to grid nodes. Concurrent job processing on grid nodes is described in Multi-job processing on grid.

The maximum number of jobs that can be run concurrently on a single server or job node can be configured, as described in Concurrent jobs per node.

Running non-exclusive and streaming jobs concurrently on a single server or job node can be disabled by setting the "Multi-job Processing" option to "Disable" (figure 6.16). Click on Save to save changes to this setting.

Image manual-enable-disable-2
Figure 6.16: The default status is to enable Multi-job processing. Select "Disable" to require that only a single job is executed at a given time on a job node or single server.

Non-exclusive, streaming and exclusive job types

See Appendix Non-exclusive Algorithms for a list of CLC Genomics Server algorithms that can be be run alongside others on a given machine.