Fairness factor

The fairness factor defines the number of times that a job in the queue can be overtaken by other jobs before resources are reserved for it to run. This setting affects the queue for single servers and job node setups.

In a situation where there are many non-exclusive jobs and some exclusive jobs being submitted, it is desirable to be able to clear the queue at some point to allow the exclusive job to have a system to itself so it can run. The fairness factor setting is used to determine how many jobs can move ahead of an exclusive job in the queue before the exclusive job will get priority and a system will be reserved for it. The same fairness factor applies to streaming jobs being overtaken in the queue by non-exclusive jobs.

The default value for this setting is 10. With this value set, a job could be overtaken by 10 others before resources are reserved for it that will allow it to run. A fairness factor of 0 means that a node will be reserved for the job at the head of the queue.

This value can be configured under the Fairness factor section of:

        Configuration (Image configuration_16) | Job distribution (Image jobnodes_16) | Job running options