Cloud Server Plugin

The Cloud Server Plugin is needed if jobs will be submitted to a CLC Genomics Cloud Engine via the CLC Server. Installation and configuration of this plugin is covered in the Cloud Plugin manual at:

After configuration of the Cloud Server plugin is complete, GCE presets can be configured.

Configuring GCE presets

When submitting a job to CLC Genomics Cloud Engine via a CLC Server, the submitter will select a GCE preset. These presets are configured by the CLC Server administrator and are based on configurations in GCE11.2.

By default, presets are available for all users of the CLC Server. Access to a given preset can be restricted to specific groups using options available under the Global permissions tab in the CLC Server web administrative interface.

Creating and editing GCE presets

To create or edit existing GCE presets, log into the CLC Server web administrative interface and go to:

        Extensions (Image extensions_16) | CLC Genomics Cloud Engine (Image gce_16) | GCE presets

Click on the Add New GCE Preset... button. The preset name is what the user of client software will use. The "GCE executor name" drop-down menu provides a list of the instance types defined by the CLC Genomics Cloud Engine administrator. Select one of these to associate with this preset. Optionally, provide a job tag.

The "Result handling" setting defines whether all results of jobs run using that preset should be automatically downloaded from AWS S3 to the CLC Server. Whether or not you specify that results should be automatically downloaded, results can be downloaded later using the Cloud Job Search tool in a CLC Workbench. Using that tool, results can also be selectively downloaded.


... GCE11.2
The settings for GCE are configured in a file called InstanceTypes.json, described in the GCE administration manual.