Adding directories for BLAST databases on the Server

In the web interface of the server, you can configure your Server for BLAST databases:

        Configuration (Image configuration_16) | BLAST Databases (Image blast_db_16)

Add a folder where the Server should look for BLAST databases by clicking on the Edit BLAST Database Locations button at the bottom of this tab.

The folder selected must already be configured as an import/export directory to be listed in the drop-down menu figure 9.1. This is necessary because BLAST databases are stored outside CLC data locations, but must be accessible to the CLC Server process.

Image serverBLAST_add-db
Figure 9.1: Adding import/export directories as BLAST database locations.

Once added as a BLAST Database Location, the CLC Server will search this directory for any BLAST databases and list them under the BLAST tab in the web interface (figure 9.2).

Image serverBLAST_list-db
Figure 9.2: A view of part of the listing of BLAST databases configured for access by the CLC Server.

This overview is similar to the one you find in the Workbench BLAST manager for local databases including the following in formation:

To the right of the Location information is a link labeled Delete that can be used to delete a BLAST database.