The number of licenses that can be used by particular users or groups of users can be limited, to help support the desired distribution of licenses. Limiting particular users' access is done by a first match rule, so if a user is listed in more than one rule, the first rule encountered will apply to that user.


	LIMIT_USER_CLCGENOMICSWB_1 = joebloggs marysmith
	LIMIT_IPADDR_CLCGENOMICSWB_3 = 192.168.2.* 192.168.4.*

The first statement would limit the number of CLC Genomics Workbench licenses available to joebloggs and marysmith to one, meaning only one of them could be running a CLC Genomics Workbench at any given time. The second statement specifies that a maximum of 3 CLC Genomics Workbench licenses can be checked out at any given time by machines with IP addresses matching the pattern provided.

LIMIT_HOST_featurename_limitcount is also available for limiting licenses by hostname.