Licensing Server Extensions on a CLC Server

Licenses for Server Extensions are downloaded and installed by a server administrator using the CLC Server web administrative interface.

Licenses can be downloaded and installed by going to the Management (Image management_16) tab in the web administrative interface of the single server or master node, and opening the Download License (Image install_16_n) tab.

To download and install a license, enter the Order ID supplied by QIAGEN into the Order ID field and click on the "Download and Install License..." button (figure 25.16). Please contact if you have not received an Order ID.

The CLC Server must be restarted for the new license to take effect. Details about restarting can be found at

Each time you download a license file, a new file is created in the licenses folder under the CLC Server installation area. If you are upgrading an existing license file, delete the old file from this area before restarting..

If you are working on a system that does not have access to the external network, then please refer to Download a license on a non-networked machine.

Image serverextensionlicensing-thinclient
Figure 25.17: License management in done under the Management tab tab.