Amplicon-Based Analysis Workflows

A workflow is a series of tools connected to one another to be processed in sequential order enabling repeated executions. They require that you provide the necessary input files and edit the parameter settings, and the workflow will output all relevant results.

The Amplicon-Based Analysis folder contains two workflows that you can start here:

        Template Workflows (Image workflow_group) | Microbial Workflows (Image mgm_folder_closed_flat_16_h_p) | Metagenomics (Image wma_folder_open_flat_16_n_p) | Amplicon-Based Analysis (Image otutools_open_16_n_p) | Data QC and OTU Clustering (Image data_qc_otu_clustering_16_n_p) or Estimate Alpha and Beta Diversities (Image alpha_beta_diversity_16_n_p)

To explore a workflow and see the tools it is made of, select the workflow and right click on its name to select the Open Copy of Workflow option.