Local search

There are two ways of searching for data based on its name or other attributes, or for metadata that contains particular information:

Search index

The CLC Main Workbench automatically maintains an index of all data in all locations in the Navigation Area. It is this index that is used when searching for data.

Problems with search results can reflect a problem with the index. If you suspect the index is out of sync with the data, you can rebuild it by right-clicking on the relevant data location in the Navigation Area and then selecting:

        Location | Rebuild Index

Rebuilding the index can take some time.

If you wish to stop the index building process, this can be done in the Process Area.

Note: To search for data elements based on their path after moving them to another folder within that same File Location, re-index the File Location first. If you frequently move files around and then rely on searches based on the path, we recommend using a different File Location to move the files to. Indices are updated automatically in this case, so searches based on the path of these data elements will be based on up to date index information.