Borrowing a license

A CLC Genome Finishing using a network license normally needs to maintain a connection to the CLC Network License Manager or CLC License Server. However, if allowed by the network license administrator, network licenses can be borrowed for offline use. During the period a license has been borrowed, there will be one less network license available for other users.

If administrator has chosen not to allow the borrowing of network licenses, then the information in this section is not relevant.

The Workbench must be connected to the CLC Network License Manager or CLC License Server at the point when the license is borrowed. The procedure for borrowing a license is:

  1. Go to the Workbench menu option:

    Help | License Manager

  2. Click on the "Borrow License" tab to display the dialog shown in figure 19.12.

    Image borrow
    Figure 19.12: Borrow a license.

  3. Select the license(s) that you wish to borrow by clicking in the checkboxes in the Borrow column in the License overview panel.
  4. Choose the length of time you wish to borrow the license(s) for using the drop down list in the Borrow License tab. By default the maximum is 7 days, but network license administrators can specify a lower limit than this.
  5. Click Borrow Selected Licenses.
  6. Close the License Manager when you are done.

You can now go offline and continue working with the CLC Genome Finishing. When the time period you borrowed the license for has elapsed, the network license will be again made available for other users. To continue using CLC Genome Finishing with a license, you will need to connect to the network again so the Workbench can request another license.

You can return borrowed licenses early if you wish by started up the License Manager, opening the "Borrow License" tab, and clicking on the Return Borrowed Licenses button.