QIAseq sample analysis

Support for analysis of data from the following types of QIAseq panels/QIAseq library kits is provided under the QIAseq Sample Analysis folder of the Toolbox:

In addition to template workflows, which can be launched directly, we provide the Analyze QIAseq Samples guide, from where these workflows, calibrated for optimal performance on data generated by the corresponding QIAseq panel, can be launched.

As the Analyze QIAseq Samples guide simplifies most steps necessary when running a QIAseq workflow, it is particularly suitable for first-time users. All application-specific workflows in the Template Workflows section from the toolbox can be used to make copies of the workflow with different configuration settings, a feature useful when working with QIAseq custom panels. All tools used to build the template workflows are available in the toolbox.

The template workflows are made for the specific designs of the different kits and QIAseq protocols. If in doubt if the reads follow the expected read structure, we recommend using Validate QIAseq Read Structure (beta).