Welcome to CLC Server 10.0.1, a central element of the CLC product line enterprise solutions.

This user manual can also be found in pdf format: User_Manual.pdf.

You can get an overview of the server solution in figure 1.1. The software depicted here is for research purposes only.

Image server_3tier
Figure 1.1: An overview of the server solution. Note that not all features are included with all license models.

Using a server means that data can be stored centrally and analyses run on a central machine rather than a personal computer. Please see the CLC Genomics Server section and the Biomedical Genomics Server section for a listing of tools shipped with CLC Servers.

After logging into the CLC Server from a Workbench, data on the server will be listed in the Workbench navigation area and analyses can be started as usual. The key difference is that when you are logged into a CLC Server from a Workbench, you will be get the choice of where to run the analysis: on the Workbench or on the CLC Server.

This manual describes how to use a CLC Server as a Workbench user. For information about administrating the server, please see the Administrator Manual.