Static license installation

In each of the server models described above, a static license is installed in the CLC Server on a master machine. In the case of a job node setup, static licenses are also installed on each machine acting as a job node.

Static licenses for the Server CLC Workbench are downloaded and installed into the licenses folder in the CLC Server installation area. Downloading a license is similar for all supported platforms, but varies in certain details. Please see the platform-specific instructions below for details on how to download a license file on the system you are running the CLC Server on. See section 23.2.5 for a description on how to download a license for a machine that does not have access to the internet.

For the master machine and for each machine in a job node setup:

  1. Log on to the machine that is running the CLC Server.
  2. Move into the CLC Server installation directory, where the license download script can be found.
  3. Download and install the CLC Workbench license as described in the relevant section below.