Example of results obtained using the Type a Known Species workflow

In this section, the Salmonella enterica sample sequence data (acc no ERR274480) was typed using a customized Salmonella enterica version of the Type a Known Species workflow: the applied reference list only included Salmonella specific sequences, the MLST scheme was specified as Salmonella enterica and the created Result Metadata Table included only this particular data set.

Once the workflow analysis was performed on this single dataset, additional columns listing the analysis results (e.g., MLST, best matching reference and identified resistance genes) have automatically been added to the Result Metadata Table (figure 10.43). To ease the overview regarding applied analysis parameters, columns stating the workflow specified reference list, MLST scheme and resistance gene database have also been added automatically to the table.

Image swf_resultmetadata
Figure 10.43: View of the updated Result Metadata Table and associated elements once the Type a Known Species workflow has been executed on the Salmonella (acc no ERR274480) sample.