Download Pathogen Reference Database output report

You can choose to generate a report with the following summary data for each downloaded database:

It is possible to edit the missing or incorrect taxonomic entries in the sequence list table manually by right-clicking on the field to be added or edited, or by using the Set Up Microbial Reference Database tool (see Set Up Microbial Reference Database).

It is also possible to merge multiple reference genome databases to add genomes of interest that are not present in the online database, as well as to delete a reference genome from a pathogen reference genome database when references are not relevant to the analysis or when they are of poor quality.

The date of each full database download, as well as the ftp address of the root of the source NCBI Pathogen Detection Project database will be included in the log of the tool and in the history of the downloaded files such that users can locate the downloaded files on NCBI's ftp site again at a later time.