Add Sequences to MLST Schemes

MLST schemes can be extended by adding individual sequences to the alleles in the scheme:

        Databases (Image databases_folder_closed_16_n_p) | NGS-MLST | Add Sequences to MLST Scheme (Image add_sequences_to_scheme_16_h_p)

This will bring up a dialog as shown in figure 16.8, where it is possible to select the scheme you would like to add gene(s) to.

Image addsequencestoschemestep1
Figure 16.8: Define a scheme to add sequences to.

In the next step(s) - there are as many wizard windows as genes in the scheme - it is possible to assign sequences to each gene successively (see figure 16.9).

Image addsequencestoschemestep2
Figure 16.9: Adding a sequence to gene arcC.

Specify a location to save the scheme(s). We recommend to use a folder for saving all the databases and MLST schemes necessary to run the CLC Microbial Genomics Module tools.

The sequences added in this way cannot be combined to an allelic profile and a sequence type, and will thus only contribute to expanding the number of allelic types.