Downloading license files on non-networked machines

The license download tools distributed with the CLC License Server assume the machine the tool is running on has access to the external network. This section outlines how to download a license when this is not the case.

Please make sure you have your license order ID before you start the below process.

  1. Find the host ID of the machine that will run the CLC License Server software by running the license download script located in the installation area of the software. The relevant script name for each OS is:

    • On Linux: downloadlicense
    • On macOS: downloadlicense.command
    • On Windows: licensedownload.bat

    Note down the host ID.

  2. Go to a computer with internet access, open a browser window and go to the network license download web page

  3. Paste in your license order ID and the host ID noted down earlier.

  4. Click on the 'Download License' button and save the resulting .lic file.

  5. Copy this file onto the machine with the CLC License Server software installed, placing it in the folder called licenses in the CLC License Server installation directory.

  6. Restart the CLC License Server by following instructions in the "Downloading Licenses" section of this manual pertinent to the operating system you are running the CLC License Server on.

We recommend that all license files are placed in the licenses subfolder of the installation directory. This location is used by default by the CLC License Server without requiring further configuration.

If license files are placed elsewhere their locations must be configured. See License server configuration for further details.

Upgrading an existing license: If you are upgrading an existing license file, then it is very important that old license files, that is, the ones you are replacing, are deleted before the CLC License Server is restarted. The old file(s) can be removed before or after you download the new license file(s).

If you have not received a license order ID or there are problems with your license order ID, please contact [email protected].